Since 1997, Sol Media has been providing businesses, non-profit organizations, and local government agencies with a full range of Internet solutions; including website development, WordPress development, graphic and media design, and Managed Web Hosting.

Our all-inclusive service to online presence covers everything from creating visually appealing and functional websites with clean and compliant code, to a complete managed web hosting service that frees our clients from the burden of maintaining their websites in an always-changing industry.

A True Webmaster on Your Side

Our web services go beyond creating beautiful and compliant websites. We also offer ongoing website maintenance, updates, upgrades, support, security, and protection to ensure the optimal performance of all websites we host and manage.

Our Managed Web Hosting service provides technical support and website management, covering everything from the server-side of things to site changes, updates and upgrades. We take care of the technical and security aspects of everything a website needs, so our clients can focus on their business.

Our services aim to assist you in optimizing your internet investment. We work closely with each of our clients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and requirements. With Sol Media, you truly have a Webmaster on your side.

Professional Graphic Design & Web Development

Compliant Code

ADA, Cal OPPA, GDPR, Brown Act

Custom Content Management

Managed Web Hosting Services

24/7 Security & Protection

Professional Web Design Services

We offer personalized web design services that fit the specific needs of each client. We create unique designs for every website we develop, incorporating only the necessary code to ensure it meets current web design standards.

Our web development services offer modern and functional designs (UI/UX) that look great on any device and follow industry best practices, including compliant code and search engine optimization.

We take a lot of pride in crafting websites that meet the highest standards of web development and design. We make sure that all aspects of the site, including media, graphics, and code, are always optimized.

We’re WordPress Experts

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that allows to build all kinds of websites with the assistance of custom code, modules, popular plug-ins and themes. For business and organizations that need a functional and dynamic website, WordPress is an affordable solution due to its code being free to use, together with low licensing costs of third party components and overall low maintenance costs.

At Sol Media, we’ve been developing, designing, and hosting WordPress websites for a wide variety of site-types since shortly after its release in 2003. We work on business presence sites as well as more complex websites that require managing, publishing, and sharing unique content or performing specific tasks.

Our WordPress Web Development services, combined with our Managed Web Hosting services, provide our clients with an ideal solution. We begin by designing a beautiful, compliant, and functional website and continue by providing ongoing support, site maintenance, updates, upgrades and protection.


An Affordable and Powerful CMS Solution

Beautiful and Unique Designs

A Powerful Custom Content Management System

A Flexible and Ready E-commerce Solution

Managed Updates & Upgrades Included with Hosting

Premium Themes and Plugins Available

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